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This example of photomontage works well because it is visually interesting and has a lot of contrast. The photo of the woman is in black and white while the photo of the plant is shown in color this contrast makes the image stand out more.

Collages by Ernesto Artillo

Gorgeous Floral Mixed-Media Collages by Ernesto Artillo

We are super fan when it comes to any types of collages and flowers and when the Spanish mixed media artist Ernesto Artillo add a floral dimension to his stunning collages, the result is mind ̵

Illustrated Photography 7

Illustrated Photography

Illustrated Photography - YEN magazine recently did a feature on this diamond in the rough photographer Kelly Thompson and it’s no wonder. This hipster artist d


#ANTI-SERIE by Jose Romussi

jose-romussi-editorial This piece is quite different and had quite a scary look about it but I felt the use of embroidery style is effective to show different appearances of facial features. Also the artist ability to completely transform an image are w


Chilean artist, Jose Romussi, has always been interested in art. It wasn’t until moving to New York that he decided it was a viable career path.

feefoolala: “ (via SNEHAL BATHWAL - Floral vs. Geometry | ”

This works well because it is so intricate. You would need some gel would have to be done in a separate layer on the computer.

collage broderie retro

Collage et broderie par Jose Romussi

jose romussi jupiter.jpg

Jose Romussi's art marries photography and embroidery, resulting in odd yet visually arresting masterpieces.

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