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LEGO Ideas - Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong street food represent a parts of Hong Kong's food culture. In the because of the bad economy, many people became street food hawkers to maintain their liveiho.


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Build My LEGO Christmas (Malaysia) | by Brickfinder

Build My LEGO Christmas (Malaysia) | by Brickfinder

Pavement & Street Furniture | by ColtDesigned

The curb is raised and is wheelchair-accessable from the crosswalk (in order to accommodate the new wheelchair minifig coming out in May

LEGO custom modular building instruction - New York Newsstand | Toys & Hobbies, Building Toys, LEGO | eBay!

LEGO custom modular building instruction - New York Newsstand

The White Lion English Pub PDF Instructions - Brickbuilderspro Store

Lego Custom Modular Building– White Lion English Pub Like 10182 10197

Lego Modular Building -Pub-

This is my latest modular building, a Pub! How have the poor citizes in lego city survived without a real good pub? Design: What started of as an table-scratch-store ended up in an classic pub.

A classy bar worthy of any LEGO town

The F** Blue Bar in its original version. Building inspired by a French comedy sketch (Les Inconnus : Stade Front of the building