We have searched the web for those 10 amazing ideas of recycled tires that could be used as decoration, planters, swing...for your garden! Next time you go

10 DIY Tire Decoration Ideas for Your Garden

painted tire swings - cute project for the kids and good idea for the front or back yard!

Olivewood Gardens Adult Tour - 05 by Kelly Orange, via Flickr

colourful tires for a cute children's garden. This will make gardening fun and will give your garden a memorable talking point!

Planter from an old tyre - love it!

I have to admit, I find these recycled tire planters charming. Planting containers made from tires are pretty easy to make and cost almost nothing. Since it costs to dispose of tires, getting a few used wheels from a local auto shop should be a snap.

Art Natural kids outdoor play area home

Natural kids outdoor play area - really digging the outdoor chalkboard (who wants to clean up chalk inside?