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The 6 Thinking caps. Teaching students to analyze a situation from different perspectives. Could have the hats as props in the room and let students wear!

Teachers' Standards Evidence Binder. With this 20 page binder, you can clearly…

With this 20 page binder, you can clearly see each of the standards as well as your personal Performance Management targets. You have a simple and efficient system of both making quick notes on a chart as well as recor

Each table gets a color in pencils, markers, and crayons. 4th grade can use two colors; the main color and an analogous color.I did this and it was beautiful! Only, instead of colors by table, I did colors by individual. Point to a kid: Red Orange Yellow etc.... No fighting over materials that way.

smART Class: rainbow self portrait mural. Home schooling idea--combine this concept with several other drawing/painting projects. Should see skill progress across the rainbow. Great end of year display.

Stations will make your open house or meet the teacher event a structured, well-managed time, and make a great first impression on parents for back to school!

I can't even believe we're talking back-to-school! Back to school means lots of supplies, squeaky clean teacher planners, new clothes (maybe that

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I'm a Brand New Teacher- advice & tips for your first year of teaching. (even if you're not new there could be some helpful advice in here!

Develop a thinking child with this Wonder Wall technique

Encourage learning with a Wonder Wall

Encourage motivated learning with a Wonder Wall. Capture children's questions, without interrupting the flow of lessons, re-visit for project work, as conversation starters, for self-directed learning.