Using thin paint brushes to decorate pasta shells. EYFS

Using thin paint brushes to decorate pasta shells. EYFS Not quite sure how to display these

Toy museum classroom display

Toy museum classroom display- create an animal museum for "animal unit" as part of summative

Stained Glass Window Art Lesson

Colorful Stained Glass Kites Window Display

NEED CONTACT PAPER Colorful Stained Glass Kites - Spring is almost here! What a great way to welcome the season and dress up your windows. I love this no-mess craft!

waterproofing -- beginning liquids, boats and buoyancy and ART lead in for watercolour treatments early

Protect the pirate coins - waterproofing activity

Ivy's Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Birthday Party - Burt's Sidewalk Drawing

Mary Poppins Birthday Party Ideas

Mary Poppins party printables - everything you need to create a fabulous party!

Mary Poppins Party Printables

These fabulous Mary Poppins party printables will help you create a beautiful celebration all on your own!

How-to Create a Mary Poppins Bulletin Board

This is THE cutest data wall I've ever seen! Creativity to the Core decided to "hide" it in a cute bulletin board! Anyone else required to have a data wall?