Welcome to your concrete prison. Gian Paolo Valenti 1962. Brutalistic architecture.

This building is a concrete prison. Called Gian Paolo Valenti made in This is a Brutalist Architecture building I can tell by the shapes and the structure of the building.


Osthang / Daniel Fagerberg Arkitekter

A minimalist ski resort via Remodelista. Pop of orange on an otherwise simple wood facade


Image 6 of 10 from gallery of Surface Magazine Launches Annual Avant Guardian Photography Contest. Photograph by Hélène Binet / Courtesy of Surface Magazine

Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate 4, South Hampstead, London, Neave Brown, Camden Council’s Architects Department, 1972-1979 Photo: Simon Phipps

Visions of an Industrial Age // Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate South Hampstead, London, Neave Brown, Camden Council’s Architects Department, Photo: Simon Phipps

Meades A-Z brutalism .  Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth. Photograph: View Pictures/Rex

The incredible hulks: Jonathan Meades' A-Z of brutalism

Tricorn Centre, Portsmouth, Jonathan Meades' A-Z of brutalism