Royal Blood

Royal Blood, this guys are bloody amazing! They dropped a New single lights out ! It is a amazing song!

Image of Skepta

Id like this time of image for my contents page. A picture of someone to the right and then id add text to the left of the picture.

Royal Blood. Riverside Newcastle, 28/10/14

Brighton duo Royal Blood have joined the ranks of blues-rock duos like the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and Two Gallants, yet they amped up the ferocity and volume with scuzzy riffs and blustering energy.

Fader Magazine Skepta

Skepta's Mission: UK grime artist, Skepta covers the June/July 2015 Summer Music issue of The Fader.

An influential DJ in the Garage scene dj EZ is becoming ever more popular with his style like no other, this is someone to watch out for

You are about to experience OS (Old Skool Version mixed live by DJ EZ.