living room / sweet home style. Grey and mustard yellow.

Living room interiors inspiration grey walls gray walls grey sofa mustard yellow accents white floating shelf with picture frames

Colourful painted staircase. A great way to open up dimly lit hallways | The best interior DIY projects | Go to for more decorating ideas like this

6 of the best interior diy projects

Velvet Three-Seater Sofa by Rose & Grey

Mabel Sofa - Available in 17 Colours and 2 Sizes

Two Seater - X x Three Seater - x x Height from floor to seat - 44 cm Seating area width - 166 cm

PH 5 pendant lamp

Beautiful PH 5 1958 Design Chandelier Pendant Lighting This is the most popular of all Poul Henningsen chandelier pendant lighting. The 5 in its name refers to its 50 cm diameter.