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Toast gradient.

VALUE Toast gradient. Human eyes can perceive 255 distinct levels of values (shading). If someone can find toast with 15 different levels, surely you can have more than just 3 or 4 in your drawings and paintings.

Color love

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Saatchi Online Artist Claudio Parentela; Assemblage / Collage, "PAINTING1056" #art

Italian artist Claudio Parentela manipulates and creates interesting portraits and photo-montages with paper, paint, colours and forms.

The Tube - Solitary’ by Charles Hardaker

The Tube - Solitary’ by Charles Hardaker

Charles Hardaker - Open Door Golden Morning

Charles Hardaker this time like one of the other ones it is showing the same two doors open but they are in a diffrent light

Charles Hardaker - The Tube - Metropolitan

British Artist Charles HARDAKER - The Tube - Metropolitan I like the clarity of this piece- the way that the whole of the picture has been painted so clearly makes the viewer feel as though they are looking through the window into the carriage.