Michael Jackson

🌹29 August 1958 ~ 25 June 2009🌹 The Man, The Legend, The King
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The King of Pop, Rock and Soul

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Mine! Pls, don't repost it without tell me. Michael, WE LOVE YOU SM 🥺😭❤😘💔. We know that you are THE BEST with children. THANK YOU FOR ALL and Rest in peace 😭🙏.
2006 Japan. I can see why Michael visited different countries after his acquittal in 2005. He went to bahrain to heal from the nonsense allegations. I really hate america (usa) the way they treated & still treat this man ugh. He needs nothing but love & support and I give him that

The Humanitarian

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Jackson 5/The Jacksons Family

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Thriller era

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Captain EO

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Bad era

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"Speed Demon" Inspired by the Michael Jackson music video "Speed Demon"


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Dangerous era

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HIStory era

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Michael had a fair amount of new and improved outfits he and his crew had designed for This Is It. Michael had been so excited. He had said trying on the outfit for Billie Jean, "It's everything I've always wanted." ❤️ #billiejean #michaeljacksonforever #michaeljackson #mjkingofpop #thisisit #mjinnocent #mjforever #dance #fashion #mjiloveyou #michaeljacksonfan #michaeljackson #moonwalker

This Is It

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SO TRUE!! Come at me people. Anyone says ANYTHING bad about Michael, even tho he’s gone, you better pay your hospital bill right now.

Soldiers of L.O.V.E.

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This will make you smile...


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Anime & Manga

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Tinker Bell and Peter Pan

Michael & Disney

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Michael Jackson | Sonic Wiki Zone | Fandom

with Sonic & Sailor Moon

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Video games

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Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas Nevada....Watch the preview video below....Enjoy!
The Michael Jackson ONE Boutique at Mandalay Bay Casion & Hotel Resort

Cirque Du Soleil shows

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"I remember how huge Michael Jackson and his music was growing up in the 90's and any game where you could listen to his music and see him dance the bad guys into oblivion was an instant hit for me as a kid.  I remember how blown away I was when I first saw Michael Jackson moonwalk, I mean come on, his own actual dance move he invented and the world tried to copy. This is a 3.5\" or 8.8 cm clear acrylic cube. I put the standard size coffee cup next to it to help give some scale and perspective but it is not included in the listing. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks for taking a look!"


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#mjinnocent #mj #whispers #relatable

Whispers by my fellow Moonwalkers

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Michael Jackson and his conditions.
"I lied for my father. I'm sorry Michael."... shouldn't this kid be in jail? !


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Michael Jackson Forever


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a drawing of a man in an orange pants and black jacket with his arms outstretched
"Speed Demon" Inspired by the Michael Jackson music video "Speed Demon"
michael jackson is innocent inocent sign with his arms up and hands raised above him
MJ Always Innocent
the faces of michael jackson, michael jackson jr, michael jackson jr and michael jackson jr
Michael Jackson and his conditions.
michael jackson is innocent before he killed his wife
"I lied for my father. I'm sorry Michael."... shouldn't this kid be in jail? !
a black and white drawing of a man standing in front of a person on a skateboard
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michael jackson as michael jackson in the original movie, prince of pop and soul music