Golden Marguerite,

Anthemis 'Blomit' (Golden Marguerite), Orlaya grandiflora (White Lace Flower), Nassella tenuissima (ornamental grass) combine in The Gravel Garden

Achillea filipendulina 'Coronation Gold', - may be able to get from NHM

, Lychnis sp and Salvia nemerosa 'Primavera' (wild sage) at Hermannshof Show and Trial Garden, Weinheim, Germany

Centaurea cyanus native plant – cornflower - Google Search

Just Seed British Wild Flower - Cornflower - Centaurus cyanus - 500 Seeds

Centaurea nigra native plant – hard head knapweed - Google Search

Centaurea nigra – COMMON KNAPWEED Also known as Black Knapweed or Hardheads. A common and familiar plant with thistle like flower heads but spineless leaves and stem. The flower heads, which are in bloom from June to September,

Centranthus ruber red valerian - Google Search

Centranthus ruber red valerian - Google Search

Centaurea scabiosa native plant – great knapweed - Google Search

A tall Thistle like purple-flowering perennial plant, Greater Knapweed attracts many different species of butterflies, moths and bees, it is often found on

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