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From Miss to Mrs: Jelly Sweets, The Slimming World Way Healthy Eating Tips, Jelly Sweets, Low Fat Snacks, Miss To Mrs, From Miss To Mrs, Eating Tips, Kids Food, Low Fat Recipes, World Recipes
Jelly Sweets, The Slimming World Way
From Miss to Mrs: Jelly Sweets, The Slimming World Way
a dessert in a glass bowl with chocolate chips on top
Glorious desert of Hartley's sugar free jelly
a dessert with berries, whipped cream and other toppings in a glass bowl on a table
Fresh #fruity layered dessert
a glass jar filled with food sitting on top of a white table next to a spoon
Mason jar parfait!!!
a jelly cake on a white plate next to a bag of hattle's raspberry
Fiona Marley
Hartley's Pink Glitter Jelly made in Vintage Glass Jelly Mould
Diets and Riots: RECIPE: Slimming World Jelly Sweets Nutrition, Sliming World, Wrap Recipes, Sweets Recipes, Cooking Recipes
Diets and Riots: RECIPE: Slimming World Jelly Sweets
there is a jelly cake on the plate with pink and yellow ribbons around it's edges
Daisy and Finn's Party Ideas.
Finally I did a great rainbow jelly thanks to Hello Jell-o by Victoria Belanger( see earlier post). Using Hartley’s jelly 135 g to 1/2 pint of water,I used 1/4 pint for the clear section & added 2 table spoons of condensed milk for the denser ones. It looks amazing & the kids loved it !
two glasses filled with ice cream and strawberries on top of a table next to other fruit
STRAWBERRY JELLY WITH CHAMOMILE VANILLA CREAM Ingredients: 1 pack of Strawberry jelly (135g) I used Hartleys 1 chamomile tea bag or about 2 tbsp loose dried chamomile 300ml whipping cream or heavy cream 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 tsp caster sugar a few fresh strawberries to serve Method: Make up the jelly according to the packets instru
a glass filled with ice cream and raspberries on top of a wooden table
Slimmingworld raspberry mousse Make up one sachet of the Hartleys sugar-free crystals in 1/2 pint boiling water, leave in the fridge to the point where it just begins to start setting. Whisk the jelly with 150g of natural yogurt until the mixture doubles in quantity. Pour in glasses/pots and
two glasses filled with cranberry juice and cinnamon stick garnish on a white surface
Mulled Wine Jelly
Try our Mulled Wine Jelly Recipe for an original Christmas dessert made with Hartley’s jelly and fruits. Find more easy recipes at greatlittleideas.com
two desserts with whipped cream and cherries in glass dishes on a counter top
Black Cherry Trifle - Cherished By Me
A trifle is an absolute must for us at Christmas & ringing the changes this year we are having a Black Cherry Trifle made with Hartley's black cherry jelly.
a bowl filled with gummy bears sitting on top of a window sill
Jelly Sweets, The Slimming World Way
Jelly Sweets Recipe, The Slimming World Way
a dessert in a wine glass sitting on a counter
Slimming World friendly raspberry chocolate cheesecake dessert, for only 2.5 syns. Mix together: - half tub of quark (free) - 0% fat natural yoghurt (free) - Options Belgian Choc sachet (2 syns) - sweetener (to taste, free) Layer with: - Hartley's S/F raspberry jelly crystals (125mls, .5 syns) - raspberrys (free) - 2 x chopped Hi Fi light bars (I used rocky road, HExB)
a pink bowl filled with whipped cream on top of a table
Hartleys sugar free raspberry jelly mixed with a Turkish delight mullerlight yogurt..so good