Swales as part of the stormwater management plan for Portland’s South Waterfront. Photo courtesy Nevue Ngan Assoc.

Achieving Water Independence

On Portland’s South Waterfront, swales allow storm water to be absorbed by plants and soil gradually - reducing the stress on storm water pipes - and naturally filtering the water before it ends up in rivers and bays.

North West Cambridge, Lots M1 and M2

Planning permission has been given for market housing at the billion North West Cambridge development, including a landscape strategy by Robert Myers

Building a sunken seating area or fire pit is a neat trick that architects sometimes use when they want to create an unobstructed view of the garden or bac

Sunken Gardens And Backyards Blend Privacy And Closeness To Nature

This modernist inspired architecture with emphasis on outdoor living is perfectly suited to the Lombardy lifestyle and climate.

collectieve tuin | Zelterstraße 5, Berlijn | studio Joost van Dijk

collectieve tuin | Zelterstraße 5, Berlijn | studio Joost van Dijk

LANDLAB studio voor landschapsarchitectuur

imaginingcities: “Funen, Amsterdam, is located west of Amsterdam’s city centre. Comprised of sixteen newly built apartment blocks and one, continuous courtyard, LANDLAB (landscape architects) and van.