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These 30 Photos Proof That Moms are the purest form of comedy

These 30 Photos Proof That Moms are the purest form of comedy. Some of these are dirty but I thought you would laugh a lot.

Teachers nightmare

Teachers nightmare

I love them.

One direction funny moments. They are such great friends and it shows! Lol but it looks like Niall is thinking that other chair might be more comfortable

1d on the radio

my mom is like this every time one direction is on the radio changes and i put in one of my cds just to anoy him! my mom is like me lol


Harry, why do you have to be so amazing makes me feel like crap that I might never even be able to have a simple conversation with you :{ but I will love your cheeky ways forever

I probably have about 20 pictures of me and about 18 of them are with other people

*Raises both hands* *Raises both legs* *Begins floating* But has pictures of dragons, potatoes, and stuff

I'd listen to anything he'd say truthfully. I'd go to the ends of the earth for you baby!

yup only it would be Grandma: who is one direction? Mom: A bunch of gay boys with their underwear too tight. Me: um sit down its story time. Run for your life!