This image I think I could replicate by either drawing this in detail or taking photographs of the detailing on the tree. This could be interesting and I could develop this in many ways.

Old Tree - woodgrain textures, organic surface patterns, natural colour inspiration. Looking at different textures/surfaces

This image works as a photo montage because it combines what people look like when they are young and when they are older. I think that this could be a interesting project and I could develop this to fit the growth and decay theme.

AgeMaps, Spliced Portraits of People As Youths and Adults

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams combines two photos of his portraits subjects—one as a youth and one as an adult—into composite portraits he calls “AgeMaps.” The portraits are composited without the aid of computers. Idea for 'time/change' theme for my fmp

: Wrinkled skin- a symbol of human growth and development of life. The skin cells and general texture of the flesh evolves as time goes by. I think that this photography could fit into the growth and decay theme because it shows if you like a decaying face. I think that this shows old beauty and I could base my project on this theme .

I love this photo because it does a great job of showing some extreme bags underneath her eyes. I also love the way her lips are shaped and think it could be a great character choice. But she also has beautiful eyes!

Rotting Fruit by Bartistuta, I think that rotting fruit could be a project because I could show how fruit starts of as being ripe and colourful and then after time it changes and gets mouldy. I could also show this with people by photographing young people and show how people age.

Rotting Fruit by Bartistuta: love the closeup of the fruit rotting in different ways.

I love this photograph because it shows the growth and decay of of fruit. I think it's interesting because it's not just one Apple it's a bunch of apples that are all mouldy and all look unique

Irving Penn

Irving Penn - Red Apples, July 1985 Dye transfer print x cm).

“Broken Butterflies” this photograph shows beauty on one half of the butterfly which could represent the growth and the other half shows the decay. I think that this would be harder to replicate however I think that it is a good idea.


Broken butterflies repaired with new wings and bodies. “De draadspanner” — A construction of a butterfly wing with thread and pins. By Anne Ten Donkelaar, 2011

rachel shimpock 24 toast with butter and moldy bread- bracelet and rings electroformed copper, gold, silver, enamel, citrines

RACHEL SHIMPOCK-USA 24 toast with butter and moldy bread- bracelet and rings electroformed copper, gold, silver, enamel, citrines

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