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Ingredients (for 6 pieces) 15cm lavash 400 g ground beef Salt and pepper, For the sauce, Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, chopped pickles (adjust the amount according to your taste) Onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese. Preparation; Add salt and black pepper to the minced meat and knead it well. Share it on the lavash and stick it nicely and evenly. At this stage, you can add tiny chopped onion and press. Add a little oil to the pan over medium heat and place the minced side in the pan. Press with a spatula in between. Then turn over and add the cheese, wait until the cheese melts and then remove from the pan. Do the same for all of them. Add as much of the ingredients as you wish.
the cake has been cut into eight pieces and is ready to be served with other desserts
Checkerboard Cake Recipe • A Subtle Revelry
A checkerboard birthday cake
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a plate with wooden sticks sticking out of it
Lost count cake topper • A Subtle Revelry
jajajajaja mi tota todos los años
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Nutrusta - Ubiquinol CoQ10, Omega-3, Gymnema Sylvestre
A week of Sugar Free meals.