USB-Stick made of concrete.

concrete USB drive usbéton is a contemporary fossil; it contains precious information from our time. like an architectural building, a usb stick is about space and storage capacity. like an architectural building, usbéton is made out of concrete.


Jurgen Lehl's tape dispenser is part of its 'Nambu' Ironware collection which includes objects like bottle openers, chopstick rests and mosquito coil containers. Quite sculptural cast iron objects.

// brass pen

Machined Brass Bolt Pen • Selectism

New Norm Bath Collection, Brass

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn of Copenhagen-based NORM Architects: the streamlined Norm Bath Collection for Menu

Respectful Crafts.  Via Triitme!

TENT LONDON opens its doors tomorrow, so I better go to bed and get some beauty sleep to be somehow presentable and don't look this tire.


Brass and wood bell. Great juxtaposition of materials with lines of the object's silhouette continued across the division. Via Le Manoosh;

Brass pen pot by Mark Holmes for Minimalux

The pieces of the london based design brand MINIMALUX are just perfect and embody the concept "less is more".