Need a fun classroom management activity to get kids focused and ready for the day? Teachers can set-up a DIY Question of the Day board with a drip pan and a few simple materials. Kids will love reading the different questions posted each school day!

Question of the Day Board

This is a cool way to get kids focused and ready for the day! As a teachers I could write a question related to the material that will be covered that day and then allow my students individually answer it themselves.

The Natural Momma in Me: Shape recognition tuff spot

For a while now, Isabelle has known a star and a heart shape - neither of which she was taught, she just seemed to pick them up. We have a l.

A town for Lego toys to populate.

Another pinner: Big box town! I remember doing this as a kid. Except, I used to draw ovens, ironing boards and tv sets. I Used to sit in them, out in the yard for hours.

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