Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

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a woman with flowers on her head and scarf around her neck standing in front of a colorful background
Modern women wearing traditional Ukrainian wreaths
The intricate, flower-woven crowns date back to pre-Christian times...
a woman wearing a colorful headdress poses for a photo with her hands on the pole
#Ukrainian #Style #Spirit of #Ukraine Юна, ніжна, весняна та усміхнена #Полтавщина, від якої очей не відвести! На Ярині - весільне вбрання Полтавського регіону.
a woman with braids and flowers on her head wearing a red flowered hat
#Ukraine "Пe олтавщина". Полтавський стрій (з колекціі Оленки Дідик) Вінок з "Кутасиками" від Прикрасної Майстерні Маковія Намисто - щирий автентичний корал, монети, веремієвський дукач (робота Василя Білоножко) Модель - Оленка Дідик Фото - Маковія - "P Poltava." Poltava array (from the collection of Elena Didyk) with Wreath "Kutasykamy" from Prykrasnoyi shop Maccabeus Necklace - true authentic coral, coins veremiyevskyy Dukach (work Bilonozhko Basil) Model - Helen Didyk Photo - Maccabeus
three different pictures of women in ethnic dress and headdress, one with flowers on her
Modern women wearing traditional Ukrainian wreaths
Vinoks were traditionally seen as a symbol of purity and virginity, but they are now enjoying a comeback among Ukrainian women. Slavic workshop Treti Pivni are documenting them on social media.
several people dressed in costumes standing on a rug with other people behind them wearing headdresses
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Welcome to Ukraine
several people dressed in costumes standing on a rug with other people behind them wearing headdresses
Ukrainian Wedding Traditions
a woman wearing a red headdress and scarf
Українські співачки вдягнули національні костюми для благодійного календаря
Wedding array of Poltava. His feature - towel embroidered with "tree of life". Jewelry - coral with silver accents, beads of Venetian glass, Dukach with a bow. Dressed Yanina Sokolova
a round bread with wheat stalks on the side
Советы невестам: Свадебный каравай | ❤️ Ваш Свадебный Сайт
Russian wedding bread - karavaj Beautiful traditional russian wedding bread.
two women wearing elaborate headdresses with spikes on their heads, one in red and the other in black
Modern women wearing traditional Ukrainian wreaths
Slavic workshop Treti Pivni are making a name for themselves by photographing young and old women wearing them, in a bid to pay homage to their…
a table topped with a cake covered in flowers on top of a wooden table cloth
Wedding bread Ukraine Beautiful handwork, too bad they used machine made lace on the bottom!
a woman wearing an elaborate headdress and jewelry
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Eastern Europe | Portrait of a Ukrainian bride wearing a wedding wreath, Coloma, Ukraine #pompom #embroidery
a cake with flowers on it sitting in a basket
Ukrainian Wedding Traditions: Korovai | St Volodymyr Cultural Centre and SVCC Banquet Hall
Ukrainian wedding celebrations are extremely rich in tradition and religion, as marriage is viewed as a partnership with Christ. There are many aspects of a traditional Ukrainian wedding that differs from a North American wedding. Korovai, also known as Ukrainian wedding bread, is one of the differentiators.
a bride and groom standing next to each other with the words 8 traditional you will only see at ukraine wedding
10 Surprising Ukrainian Wedding Traditions | Drink Tea & Travel
9 Traditions You Will Only See at a Ukrainian Wedding