kitchen ideas could take windows out and put bay windows in kitchen in breakfast nook. You do not need to change pinnings by a certain number of feet. i.e. you do not need to extend room or foundations,Find out law in your area so it is built with seal from city or county.

The box bay breakfast nooks built-in bench seating and Eames wire chairs offer space for casual dining and glorious views, not to mention storage underneath. While the right side of the nook has a window, the left end has recessed display shelves.

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“We are known for our traditional work, but we also take a bit of license to overlap multiple styles. Here, we played off of traditional architecture in a contemporary way.” –Frank Neely

Kitchen by Frank Neely. Details include a walnut countertop in a herringbone pattern, café curtains to soften windows, and horizontal wood planks as backsplash.