Vanessa Bell painting. Bloomsbury

Duncan Grant Vanessa Bell Painting 1915 (incorrectly dated Oil on canvas Size x cm National Galleries Scotland

Grant, Duncan - Angelica painting

Artist in his studio at Wannsee - Max Liebermann Artist in his Atelier - Albert André Angelica Grant painting - Duncan Grant The Artist in haar studio - Olga Boznanska The painter in his Studio -.

Painting of Vanessa Bell by Duncan Grant at home in Charleston, Sussex 1919

Painting of Vanessa Bell at home in Charleston, Sussex, 1919 - Duncan Grant (British, Bloomsbury Group

Painter Vanessa Bell (1879-1961) was the sister of Virginia Woolf

Vanessa Bell : comme on reconnait l'air de famille avec Virginia Woolf !

Charleston: the home of artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Duncan Grant dressing room

Inside Charleston House, home to the Bloomsbury Group artists; Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. In 1916 the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant moved to Sussex

Dora Carrington

Many people think that Dora is seen sitting in this pose to evoke a child-like feel.she in fact had been treated as a child because she was, "pigeon toed".

* Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant's address book

Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant's painted address book © Tate Britain Archive persephone post