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DIY: Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric-Almond Milk

DIY: Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric-Almond Milk : It's just so good for you! A super high powered anti-inflammatory that does the trick to soothe my achy joints, it's also a great source of both iron and manganese, as well as vitamin fiber, and potassium.

The Curious Link Between Estrogen and Histamine Intolerance

Most people with hypothyroidism take thyroid hormone daily for the rest of their life. And while thyroid hormone can do a good job of managing the symptoms of a

9 Signs of Hormone Imbalance You Shouldn't Ignore <3 via @eatlocalgrown

9 Signs of Hormone Imbalance You Shouldn't Ignore ~ If you're having a little trouble with your weight, it doesn't necessarily mean your diet's wrong; it can be one of the signs you have a hormone imbalance.