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Absolutely love the precise but messy detail of this, it’s so powerful yet fluid and perfectly thrown about.

Development of ideas A Level Art - 100% (A*) project by Emily Fielding, Kennet School

Finding a voice through A Level Art & Design

a level artist research -- this is an incredibly interesting article

Top in the World: Stunning Self-Portraits by an A Level Art Student

Some students begin a project with enthusiasm, but are unable to maintain this for the duration of their project. Abby’s Coursework submission remains detailed and comprehensive throughout. Keeping to a consistent presentation style, Abby produces page

A Level Art portraiture development

How to be successful and enjoy your A Level Art Exam

JESS SROGA: REFLECTIVE JOURNAL: Artist focus: Elly Smallwood

Elly Smallwood, acrylic sketch on paper - I like this brcause it uses multiple types of media. Instead of drawing on paper, sandpaper has been used to enhance the textures and be more creative.

Jane Blundell: Black Sketch Books 1 - Moleskine Watercolour Notebooks.

Ultramarine Blue In the large Moleskine watercolour sketchbook I did a comparison of every Daniel Smith watercolour, with pigment notes, r.