Leonardo da vinci studies

Finding a voice through A Level Art & Design

pen and ink art

I like this work because they have used simple water colour with a fine pen over the top to create more detail.

I like how the use of circles makes the portrait much less traditional. I really like how the harsh shading on the facial features compliments the harsh outlines of the circles.

ARTFINDER: Monochrome by andy butler - Pencil and graphite drawing on canvas. A very striking and powerful image of a beautiful woman. She had wonderful big eyes so I emphasised them by adding mo.

Paintings by Linnea Strid

Paintings by Linnea Strid

Oh you know, nothing much, just a bunch of super rad paintings by Linnea Strid. Such a nice way to get the week started! And yes, I said paintings – PAINTINGS! Oh man, the things people creat…

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