brick relief

Brick mural in Concordia, KS -- by Catharine Magel and Mara Smith (part of wall!

Antony Gormley, Field

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Antony Gormley

‘Field’ is an Antony Gormley installation of clay figures made by a family of Mexican brick-makers. Gormley asked that the figures be easy to hold in one’s hands and that the head and body be in proportion to one another.

earthenware sculpture - Google Search

Gallery of ceramic paper clay sculptures by artist Graham Hay

Brian Benfer

Brian Benfer

Terra Cotta Warriors

The Terracotta Army guards the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. More recently, birds and musicians have also been uncovered as part of this massive stone entourage.

earthenware sculpture - Google Search

Earthenware Tomb sculptures of female figures are quite common. Some are engaged in domestic activities, others appear as entertainers, athletes, or even Chinese polo players. This piece is dated from between 618 and 906 CE

Korean earthenware

Bird-shaped vessel Period: Three Kingdoms period B. Date: century Culture: Korea Medium: Earthenware