Willo The Wisp narrated and voiced by the legend that is Kenneth Williams. We liked Evil Edna!

Willo The Wisp (and not forgetting Evil Edna) narrated and voiced by Kenneth Williams.

Black Beauty - I adored the book and just loved the TV series.

Judi Bowker, William Lucas, Roderick Shaw and Charlotte Mitchell in The Adventures of Black Beauty,

Do I remember this. The good old days.

Click If You Remember When the TV Turn Off at Midnight, Right After the National Anthem Played

Classic Kids TV Shown in the UK in the 70s'/80's - How many classic kids TV shows that were aired in the UK during the 70's/80's have you seen?

"Well here he is, the Pink Panther The Pink Panther Ev’rybody loves a panther that’s pink He really is a groovy cat And he’s a gentleman, a scholar, he’s a acrobat"

Retro Kids TV Badge/Magnet - How ~ www.powdermonki.co.uk ~

[Powder Monki] How - Retro Cult TV Badge/Magnet - How badge or magnet.

Blue Peters Advent Crown with John Noakes ....I made one of these with the help of my good ol' dad

Advent callendars at the ready

Blue Peters Advent Crown with John Noakes. Good old Blue Peter.i remember watching him make it out of coat hangers tinsel and double sided sticky tape.