Thai massage - most detoxing massage i have ever performed and experienced

rub down --> Ting Ting Motorized Head Tuner Healing Mind Hair massager rub down Six to eight Add up Bamboo bedding and sheets Again Scratcher massager .

Yoga Tutorial: Thai Massage for Couples & Friends - The Journey Junkie

Yoga Tutorial: Thai Massage for Couples & Friends

Thara Thai Massage Relief Frozen Shoulder - YouTube

Suwat from Chiang Mai, Thailand explains the general routine of this therapy and gives treatment points specific to where pain is occurring on shoulder (.

Scalene rolling - stretches neck, opens shoulders, improves breathing  (love this one)

Thai Yoga Massage With Alana Jackler of Yoga Kneads

table thai

I am getting relaxed just watching the short video. Too long since my last Thai massage.

Thai Massage Techniques for Your Back and Legs

Thai Massage Part 5 – Back & Legs: How to Do Thai Massage Therapy Tec.