This would make a great speech teaching game! Whatever sound you are working on with your child. get them to say that stimulus target begfore being allowed to have a go of throwing the hoop onto the hook!

Take this idea and make a couple of coat or clothing wall hooks! "Hook Toss" game for a pirate party *Website has lots of other pirate themed party ideas. Idea centered around Jake and the Never-land pirates!

Sight Word Activity: Pirate Doubloons Treasure Hunt

Sight Word Activity: Pirate Doubloons Treasure Hunt

If you want an eye patch that will last a bit longer, try this felt pattern! Great for getting into the theme, and teaching your child new words around 'sewing' and 'patches' as well as 'skull and crossbones' and 'elastic and 'winking'!

Felt Pirate Eye Patch DIY PRINTABLE PDF Sewing Pattern by Sew Love The Day

making a castle out of cardboard | Make Your Own Pirate or Princess Castle

Wetlands Water Play with Ellie the Explorer: Water Sensory Play

Make Your Own Pirate Telescope Binocular Craft - Surviving A Teacher's Salary

Pop up pirate is a long time favourite when speech teaching! Great turn taking game that you can use to take turns with your child to say a stimulus word or utterance before they are allowed to stick one sword into the pirate! Lay down the rules first time you play, that the expectation is that they talk before they have a turn, and you won't have a problem!

Pop up Pirate Game

Pop-Up Pirate Game - Educational Toys, Specialty Toys & Games - Creative, Award Winning for Science, Math and

Every good pirate theme must have a pirate ship - whether you make yours, as craft, or buy it, it's still essential! From 6 months of age, you can expect your child to be understanding basic performatives - when we teach babies about ships, the noise we use is'pppp'  - so make that noise each time you bring the ship out to play. Even better for their listening is to make the noise before the child sees the ship - as many times as they will tolerate on their attention span!

Price Disney's Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake's Musical Pirate Ship Bucky []

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Getting your child to dress up in costume is a great way to extend not only their language skills but also their self-help skills!  By 3 1/2 years old, most children shoould be able to dress themselves completely with little assistance! So let your child put the costume on by themsleves - even better if you are able to get dressed at the same time. let them use questions to ask where different parts go, and to see if they posses the vocab like 'vest' or 'cutlass' or 'patch'.

Dress up? This swashbuckling set includes an embroidered vest, pirate hat, eye patch and soft sword.