Garden Tools & Accessories

We've sourced UK made eco-friendly garden tools and gift sets to help gardeners.
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Oak Dibber

This calibrated oak dibber is a handy gardening tool made in UK from FSC oak for sowing seeds, transplanting seedings, potting up plug plants and planting small bulbs.

Paper Potter Patter

Paper potter patter - a practical gardening tool for sowing seeds - Garden Gift

Plant labels, set of 5

Set of 5 plant labels made in UK from FSC oak.

Round calibrated pot tamper

Round calibrated pot tamper

Square oak pot tamper

This square oak pot tamper is a practical gardening tool designed for firming down the compost in seed trays and square plant pots.

Seed Savers

August is the start of the seed collecting season so keep your eyes peeled for things you'd like to grow next year. To keep your seeds safe and dry over the winter, how about investing in some of these rather fabulous seed savers?

Oak Garden Lines

Gardening lines provide a straight line for planting seeds. Solid FSC wood with natural green gardening jute.

String on a Stand

String on an oak stand. Nether Wallop Trading have been FSC certified since

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