Diwali Decorations - Rockets

Make your own Fourth of July Confetti Popper Rockets!

Fourth of July Confetti Popper Rockets made from toilet paper rolls - so fun!

Firework Cookies for Bon Fire Night, Diwali, New Year or 4th July! from Nuture Store

Firework crafts and cookies

Bonfire Night is the first night back after half term. They are usually full of energy. These biscuits look fun but won't require too much concentration. Today guy Fawkes nearly blew up parliament

Handmade with Love: Diwali Wishes

Diwali Wishes- stitched card that kids can make


Some amazing facts about the Indian festival - Diwali. Diwali marks the Hindu new year. It is the largest and most celebrated festival in India.

Diwali {The Festival of Lights} Informative and engaging activities for young learners! This is a great little packet! dreambigkinders.blogspot.com

Diwali {The Festival of Lights}

This packet is perfect for teaching young learners all about the holiday Diwali, The Festival of Lights!


Patriotic Firework Paintings

Patriotic Kids Craft for of July These painted firework prints are an easy patriotic craft the kids can make to be displayed in .

Navajo Sand painting craft for kids - sand is cheap - you could color your own or have some students do it who finish early on a previous project.

Uncommon Artistic Endeavors: Easy and Fabulous Apple Dumplings

Recycled old CDs into decoratives for Diwali!

Recycled old CDs into decoratives for Diwali!

Diwali Footprints lesson plan

Diwali footprints lesson plan - could be great for an art/movement project combined.

Diya mobile - Diwali craft for kids

Diwali Craft- link to this page with other Diwali activities for kids

The story of Rama and Sita - a popular Hindu story to tell about the first Diwali. Simple text and full sound support, with beautiful illustrations and animated pages.

Read and re-write the story of Rama and Sita. Pupils can use this activity in two modes: - read/listen to the story - re-write the story, typing in their own words underneath, scene by scene.

Craft Ideas for all: Diwali cardmaking craft activity for kids - make Divali cards and decorate with coloured foam shapes

It was Diwali yesterday and we celebrated it at a fun get-together organized by one of our friends. It has become an annual thing where all .

Diwali Wreath

Make Diwali 2015 the grandest ever with these Diwali Ideas - Cards, Crafts, Decor, DIY for kids .Collection of amazing DIY ideas for home and office

india craft...lamp

3 fun Diwali Crafts for kids

(Lamp) Kandil

The kandil at the door - Artsy Craftsy Mom