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☮ American Hippie Bohéme Boho Lifestyle ☮  Remodeled School Bus .. small or tiny house.

Needing a bigger trailer than my "Little Gypsy Rose" , I decided to sell a few of the beautiful antiques I have gathered over the years a.

alien craft toilet paper roll

We absolutely loved making these toilet paper roll aliens. We love making things out of recycled materials and toilet paper roll crafts are always a hit.

finally a use for all the sycamore tree seeds landing in my yard

For Dragonfly 6 legs -Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture; creating art with nature walk finds such as twigs, maple seeds, and other fall finds.


Create one of a kind stick puppets with silly feather hair using our Sticky Sticks wooded fan handles. Kids will love this quick and easy craft!