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Check! I saw it back in like 8th grade...I wanna see it now that they've cleaned it all up at last...especially since I'm in the military now

It's the Memorial. Ground Zero in New York. In tribute to dead people during the attacks on the twin towers.

It was a rather tame first visit maybe we'll get another chance to go back! Although i did get Andrew on ALL the stratosphere rides!!!

The Sin City Las Vegas, home of all sick gamblers alike – well it’s just a connotation about the place. Who told you that it can’t be a venue for nice family vacation? Literally – it’s a place to have all kinds of fun.

bucket list | before I die | hot air balloon although I'm scared of heights it would be fun

I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride with a picnic basket and champagne, where the last 15 minutes of the ride would include the Sunset!

Bucket List: visit Amsterdam and smoke lots of weed.. Check out for more stuff at http://pinterest.com/milaishop/

Bucket List: visit Amsterdam Check= Summer 2011 - but I still want to go back!

Holi festival of colour in India, it's on my bucket list to visit!

✈ Beautiful Places To Visit In India Holi festival of colour in India, it's in my bucket list to visit!

Bucket list: be romantic and add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris.

Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. News Alert: "Love locks" are seen at the Pont de l'Archeveche bridge in Paris. The French capital launched a campaign on Wednesday to dissuade people from placing the locks on the metal fences of its bridges.

Depending how my lungs go....asthma and scuba did not agree with me but haven't tried for a few years so hopefully I am good to go.

I want to go scuba diving in the Caribbean by (next five years). I love the ocean and I think scuba diving would be so beautiful and a fun experience.