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Beautiful, earthy, feminine beauty photography, including my own work. Featuring soft colours like green, grey and pink with styling support in the form of…
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Wild Mint Hand Lotion | Hand & Body Cream  | The  White Company UK Wild Mint, Lotion Candles, Cosmetics Photography, Mentha Piperita, White Company, The White Company, Hand Lotion, Best Candles, Dry Hands
Wild Mint Hand Lotion | Bath & Body | The White Company
Wild Mint Hand Lotion | Hand & Body Cream | The White Company UK
a black and white photo with the words how to make remote photoshoots as success
How to make remote photoshoots a success
Working remotely is hard. The client isn’t there to see what you’re doing, give you insights or share what they like. So how do we work remotely and produce results the client will love? The key to creating work clients will love when they are not physically there is over-communication and safe-guarding yourself in your contract. In this post, I take you through how I work with clients remotely, step-by-step.
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Design Vintage | Vintage Furniture | Scandinavian Homewares | Scandi
Meraki Linen Dew Bodywash | Design Vintage
JOHNNY MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY | BEAUTY | 12 Spa Photoshoot, Vitamin C Benefits, Product Shots, Food Photography Inspiration, Food Ingredients, Prop Styling, Photography Beauty
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skincare product photography #ProductPhotographyTips – cosmetic - DIY Schoonheid Recepten 2019
#Cosmetic #photography #product #ProductPhotographyTips #skincare #skincare products
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My Lightroom Workflow
At the beginning of my photography journey, I struggled to develop a smooth, efficient working process for Lightroom. As anyone who is self-taught will know, there’s some things you just don’t know that you don’t know. There is no one, correct way to work with Lightroom, but this is the process that works for me, and so I hope that this post might help speed up your journey. Head over to my website to read.
Sofia Latif body oil shot for a cosmetics campaign. See my portfolio for more examples of my beauty and cosmetics work! Cosmetics Campaign, Beauty And Cosmetics, Interiors Photography, Product Photographer, Natural Body Care, Dry Oil, My Beauty
Sofia Latif Body Oil shot by Helena Rose Photography.
Sofia Latif body oil shot for a cosmetics campaign. See my portfolio for more examples of my beauty and cosmetics work!
two bottles of cologne sitting on top of a white counter next to a curtain and towel
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A step-by-step process to using Lightroom
From shooting tethered directly into Lightroom to exporting images for clients, here is my step-by-step process for using Lightroom in my product photography workflow.
three different images with the words my lightroom workflow for product photography on them
My Lightroom Workflow for Product Photography
Do you open Adobe software and just want to hit your head against the table? I've been there too! To help untangle Lightroom, I've written a post with my best tips: from shooting tethered to how I approach editing my images. These are my top tips to using Lightroom for product photography.
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Styled Product Photography | Guelph | Camilla B Creative Studio
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Everyday Oil
product photography soap #ProductPhotographyTips