Want this! : 'Typographic text Map of Great Britain' Love this :) although a bit confused that Southampton and Northampton seem to be right next to each other when they're really not...

Great Britain Uk City Text Map Digital Art - Great Britain Uk City Text Map Fine Art Print would love this as a poster

The Unification of London Map

from "The Unification of London: the need and the remedy" Author: LEIGHTON, John - F.A 1895 British Library

Map of the British Isles illustrated using words which related to each area - stunning. by Angus McArthur & Alison Hardcastle

British Isles Map by Angus McArthur & Alison Hardcastle “The British Isles Map is made using selected text which has a relationship to its particular geographic location. The words used range from.

Spanish-Arabic world map from 1109 AD with Eden in east (at top)

Map of the world, from a manuscript of Beatus of Liebana’s in Apocalysin, Monastery San Domingo de Silos, 1106 (British Library, London)

Hand drawn map of Manhattan by Francesca Pacini, based on songs by Regina Spektor

this is the Hand Drawn Map Association : an ongoing archive of maps and other interesting diagrams drawn by hand


Explore This Illustrated Map of New York Hip-Hop by Sarah King

Fun Maps: Illustrated Map Shows NYC Hip Hop History. Illustrated NYC map shows famous locations and music venues that helped shape Hip Hop Culture. Birthplaces of NYC artists like Jay-Z, RUN DMC, are featured.

Any graphic artists on staff? How cool would this be for school-related terminology, locations, hangouts, etc.?

Linzie Hunter creates illustrations, hand lettering and maps for editorial, books and advertising. Love her style! Very impressive list of clients on her site, which isn't surprising. This typographic.

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