can't open the garage door till they leave, or putting newspaper under the nest on the porch!

Charles Lebrun Guillaume - The Love Token

Charles Lebrun Guillaume The Love Token « Charles Lebrun « Artists « Art might - just art

L. S. Lowry

The dark side of the matchstick man: Painter L.S. Lowry never married or had a girlfriend. But the woman he befriended as a child now tells of their bizarre relationship

The milk maid by Johannes Vermeer Perhaps he used Camera obscura? Detail on the screen also. Wonder for the screen appears to be Indian Sheesham wood. Dutch merchants & ships went many places.

A Daily Good Turn Norman Rockwell (1894–1978) Oil on canvas, 1918

On Friday, 19 July, a free exhibition of 23 oil paintings by famed illustrator Norman Rockwell will open at the Church

Anker Albert ( 1831-1910) Swiss painter        « Alte Frau sich warmen», 1885, (?), (?)

ok this made tear up-Old Age oil on canvas, was painted in 1885 by Albert Anker, Swiss,

what-honest-words: “Young Woman with a Water Pitcher (detail) Johannes Vermeer, 1662 ”

"News From Afar" by Walter Langley English Painter & Founder of the Newlyn School . Signed & Dated 1900 .