Quentin Blake  When I was growing up my mum used to make me do this so I wouldn't get round shouldered!

Play School Play Ideas 2 written by Carole Ward, illustrated by Quentin Blake…

Shirley Hughes

This is another delightful illustration by the artist Shirley Hughes from her book "Colours" from her nursery series. First published in 1986 by Walker Books Ltd.

Maurice Sendak

Sadly, the world of literature lost a great author and illustrator today, Maurice Sendak. Here is some of his wonderful illustrations .

Chris Van Allsburg's The Mystery of Harris Burdick

All Hail Chris Van Allsburg 25 years ago, Chris Van Allsburg published The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a gobsmackingly beautiful trove of 14 images accompanied only by enigmatic titles and captions.

Helen Craig - Angelina Ballerina - Children's Book Illustration

‘Back cover artwork’ Helen Craig - From the book ‘Angelina's Invitation to the Ballet’ published by Puffin Books in Pen, ink & watercolour.


Salvatore Rubbino: ‘Covent Garden Jugglers’ From the book ‘A Walk in London’ published by Walker Books Ltd in 2011 Media used: Watercolour and ink Origi

Children's Book Illustration

From the book ‘The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out’ published by Egmont Books in 2004

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