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the fashion design process is shown in blue and green
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the fashion design process is shown in blue and green
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a blue wall with pictures and other items on it
How to create a tone-on-tone color mood board? The Blue Series - Eclectic Trends
The March Mood Board - I am back with the monthly mood board series. And it's all about tone-on-tone palettes starting with the trending BLUE.
the mood board template is shown in grey and white
become inspired with a mood board | something simple
something simple helps you find your creativity after a long work week. This template is a great place to start!
an advertisement for fashion boutiques on the app store
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My inspiration for this collection derived from the archetypes of Carl Jung. In particular: the shadow, the persona and the self. Real pressed flowers are encapsulated in contrasting pleated plastic with the same flowers printed and embroidered onto silks. Each garment forms part of a narrative that represents the human evolution of consciousness that altogether create a glamorous, modern yet functional collection.
a collage of different images and text on a white background
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A gorgeous seemingly digital mood board for a collection. MIRJAM MAEOTS Colourboard
a wall covered in lots of different types of art
9 Inspiring Mood Board Examples - TinkerLab
Cassie Byrnes Textile design Mood Board Inspiration
an advertisement with different colors and patterns for the fabric company's new product, active fabrics
A/W 2020/21 Functional fabric trends for activewear - moject
Functional fabric trends A/W 20/21 seen at Performance Days Munich in November 2018. Activewear fabrics, functional fashion, performance wear, trims and accessories for sports clothes. Iridescent trend, shiny surfaces, multifunctional textiles. #fabrics #activefabrics #fabrictrends2021 #textiledesign #textiles #textileinnovation #fashiontrends #trendreport