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Outlets hidden under the cabinets so they don't interrupt the backsplash design. This is my kind of kitchen look at all the outlets anywhere you want to plug in anything you have it at your fingertips and NO ugly outlets in your backsplash!

kitchen lighting stainlesss steel

Helpful Tips to Light your Kitchen for Maximum Efficiency

Linda McDougald Design Postcard from Paris Home is a full-service interior design firm and home furnishings boutique based in Greenville, SC.

If you have a long run of stairs (like the seven in this project), split the difference: one set of three steps near the house, for instance, then four later on. Varying levels offer places to take in views from different vantage points. They also break up big space into distinct outdoor rooms. | Photo: Brian C. Robbins Photograhy Inc. |

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split a long run of stairs on deck providing levels and distinct rooms

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