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What to wear in Morocco (1)

I LOVED my visit to Morocco, but it IS a country with some guidelines when it comes to fashion. This is my guide on what to wear in Morocco.

How to Dress in Morocco - Morocc Dress Code The Hostel Girl 1

Dressing modestly and conservatively is the norm for Moroccans, but can be rudely dismissed by tourists - so here is a guide on how to dress in Morocco.

Whenever I travel somewhere that's a little more conservative, girls leave messages or send emails asking what I've packed and how I dressed in the certain country. Morocco was no different so I promised I'd share how to dress in Morocco along with some of my favorite styles now for travel. Almost all of these outfits

Here are some outfits ideas and inspiration for how to dress in Morocco in away that is both stylish and appropriate for the Muslim culture and heat.