Tom Phillips : A Humument p.10: Give Me Tomorrow

This 1998 work by Tom Phillips is a colour screenprint of a page from W H Mallock's Victorian novel 'A Human Document'. The isolated text reads: 'you in mine fused', 'our lives lived for perfect love'.

Tom Phillips <3

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A Humument is a sustained manipulation and restructuring of W.H. Mallock’s forgotten Victorian novel A Human Document. Tom Phillips.

“a humument” by tom phillips “ A Humument: A treated Victorian novel is an altered book by British artist Tom Phillips, first published in It is a piece of art created over W H Mallock’s.

Tom Phillips,I came across this artist on visiting Tate Britain and visiting their print room. His work stood out to me as I loved how meaningful his work look by simply covering some of the writing. I felt his work was very expressive and reflected that upon my own work.

A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel - Tom Philips - In a 'Ship of Theseus' fashion, each new edition replaces at least 50 pages. Philips' long term goal is to publish a version of Humament that has every page different from his original 1970 edition.

Tom Phillips - Redeem the Dream

Artist of the Week Tom Phillips - Redeem the Dream Simplicity of shapes- typeography

Tom Phillips ~ [no title: p. 239], From A Humument Vol. IV, 1970 (lithograph)

Tom Phillips ~ [no title: p. From A Humument Vol. IV, 1970 (lithograph on paper) I love this idea for making poems!

Tom Phillips, ‘[no title: p. 317]’ 1970

Tom Phillips ~ [no title: p. From A Humument Vol. IV, 1970 (lithograph on paper)