oh, the places.

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there is a room with a window and a bed on the floor next to it
an apartment building with several balconies and two people standing on the balcony at night
catching rays
4th Avenue near 9th Street Park Slope Brooklyn, New York View On Black
two people standing in front of large windows looking out at cityscape and skyscrapers
a kitchen with a mountain view in the backgroung and counter tops covered in snow
Kitchen in modern wooden house with view … – Buy image
a room filled with lots of plants and furniture
12 incredible artists’ homes you can visit
a small stream running through a snow covered forest next to a wooden building with lights on it
Takaragawa Onsen, Minakami, Japan
a living room filled with furniture next to a large window covered in lots of windows
The view from my girlfriend’s lake house
an alleyway with steps leading up and down to the door in whitewashed buildings
an old house surrounded by trees in the middle of a green field with hills in the background
Townhead, Slaidburn, Hodder Valley, Lancashire, UK