nice hand lettering

Feels Good to get Some Stuff Done - 11 x 15 inches

type today & Feels good to get some stuff done by Mary Kate McDevitt. See type today & 365 details here.

hand-lettered invite

hand drawn wedding invite, I could do something like this and it would be more special than a computer generated one.

 don't mess with my

Inspiring image flow, quote, text, turquoise, typography - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


Betty & June branding and packaging in Abilene, Texas by Ryan Feerer. All of the bags, tags, and business cards are hand stamped.are brown bags in the LBC future?


This saying is in French, and a typical association we have with France is fancy things, and this font is fancy and scripted for that reason. I like this font.


Michelberger Reserved Plates The Michelberger Restaurant needed new reserved signs for their tables, so I got girly and all into china painting (with arcylic, not proper china painting, I'm not that quaint) and here they are!