White Wine and Garlic Mushroom Cream Sauce

White Wine and Garlic Mushroom Cream Sauce

White Wine and Garlic Mushroom Cream Sauce.I got this delicious recipe from a chef at a restaurant where it was served with chicken. It also goes great with pasta or as a risotto sauce. Its easy to make but tastes very expensive!


Why not try Gino's easy and delicious spaghetti carbonara, I saw this on tv last night, looked so delicious and simple to make, the carbonara sauce was just made from egg, cheese and fresh parsley

Cheese Bacon and potato bake

Gino D'Acampo Lets Do Lunch with Gino and Mel Recipes: Gino D'Acampo Bacon, cheese and potato bake Gino A.

Eggy crumpets

Eggy crumpets from Gino d'Acampo. A mouthwatering combination of crumpets, egg, cheese and ham. Perfect for a quick lunch, or a lazy Sunday brunch.

Steak and Chips

The title of this recipe says it all - the perfect steak and chips with creamy peppercorn sauce and mixed green salad. Gino d'Acampo knows how to put together beautifully simple, incredibly tasty dishes with no fuss.

Chicken Kiev

A classic chicken Kiev with small baked rosemary potatoes and a fresh salad.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

An indulgent pud of self saucing sticky toffee pudding with a homemade banana ice cream. Just looks so easy and naughty

Beef Curry

Gino's slow beef curry - which he cooks especially for Let's Do Lunch guest Joanna Page - is full of rich, gorgeous flavour, with garlic, coriander, cinnamon and cardamom.

Creamy pappardelle pasta with chicken and dolcelatte cheese

We asked Gino d'Acampo to cook us his own family favourite recipes. This creamy pappardelle pasta with chicken and dolcelatte cheese sauce is a favourite of his little sister.

Beef noodle stir fry

Try this quick and easy crispy beef stir fry served with egg noodles. A sure-fire family hit from Gino d'Acampo.


A quick and easy ham, pepper, egg and potato burrito - a tasty lunch-time treat!

Ultimate fish finger sandwich

A tasty twist on the fish finger sandwich with a zingy pea pesto and baby gem lettuce.

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Egg Fried Rice

Healthy Sweet and Sour Chicken with Egg-Fried Rice

Chicken Chowder

A creamy corn chowder with chicken and potatoes - a great way to use up leftovers.

Chicken with creamy mustard sauce

Ruth and Eamonn pay Gino and Mel a visit and treated to a special version of surf and turf.


This traditional recipe is a real crowd-pleaser