Vika Prokopaviciute

I like how messy and the xyured the painting looks ad they have allowed the paint to run. I think this technique could be used for gluttony as well as sloth.

These two paintings have paint smeared across them using the flat edge of a piece of card, with a MacDonald’s fries packet featuring prominently in the background.

A Level Art Project: Obesity & Junk Food 98%

This outstanding A Level Art project Painting Coursework) gained Exploring a theme of junk food and obesity.

Since Jeremy Scott took over Moschino and gave the whole world the green light to embrace the pop culture, Cecille Chavez’s conceptual imagery is more than just relevant. Melbourne based photographer

Conceptual Mass Consumption

Creepy Portraits of People Covered in Frosting and Junk Food JAMES OSTRER

Creepy Portraits of People Covered in Frosting and Junk Food

Humans shellacked in junk food for monstrously sloppy portrait series | Dangerous Minds

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by James Ostrer. There’s something sinister about photographer James Ostrer’s candy-coated images.

James ostrer

James Ostrer- Junk Food Masks Reveal The Nightmarish Depths Of Sugar Addiction


Conceptual Mass Consumption

Conceptual Food Stills - On colorful backgrounds, photographer Cécille Chavez exposes original food compositions. Visual and interesting shots where elements such as sauces, noodle, ice cream or packaging fly like magic.