the beauty of dehydrated grapes - peter lippmann. Reminds me of an article "the beauty of roadkill"

bad grapes (the beauty of dehydrated grapes - peter lippmann)

Ok I know I'm on the strange side of being an artist... But I love these photos of the rotten and moldy growth. Some of them are absolutely amazing!

Dazzling Photos of Rot and Fungus

One man's fridge mold is another man's still life: Estonian artist Heikki Leis presents a rotting cornucopia of vegetables photographed long past their prime.

For his most recent work, artist John Dilnot created a series of boxes containing rows of diseased "bad" apples neatly arranged on shelves. At first glance the boxes suggests a nostalgic feeling for a lost Eden, but on closer inspection they reveals a more ambiguous intention. The artist has relished recreating these rotting fruits and in so doing subverts the idea that decay is "bad".

** are these real apples? ** John Dilnot assemblage - BAD APPLES 2010 £ 950 acrylic, printed papers, wood and glass