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Artless art direction design by artless Inc. (japan) SILNT (shingapore) Exhibition Design by upsetters architects

Cloud installation by Mason Studio, Toronto

Mason Studio, Design installation at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2013 / "A series of gentle, cloud-like objects gather to form a site-specific installation, engulfing the gallery space in an ethereal moment of quiet.

Too Much Night Again installation South London Gallery Pae White 03 Too Much Night, Again installation at South London Gallery by Pae White

Californian artist Pae White at Peckham’s South London Gallery with an installation made up of a 48 kilometre network of threads. Typography where art and design cross over to create typographic art installation

‘Reverse of Volume RG’ Installation / Onishi Yasuaki

'Reverse of Volume RG' Installation / Onishi Yasuaki

Osaka, Japan artist Onishi Yasuaki "Reverse of volume RG", Glue, plastic sheet, others

Handmade Urban Outfitter Exhibit Design

Karis by Suppose Design Office Japanese architects Suppose Design Office have completed a boutique made of cardboard tubes in a Hiroshima shopping centre. Called Karis, the project features tubes of.

Studio Gang Architects | Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects

no idea how we would build them, but interesting way of making spaces inside spaces ‘Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects’ Exhibition sub espacio hilo tension. neat idea for large scale display but to also divide space.

Mesmerizing Layered Landscapes Reflect on Time and Space - My Modern Metropolis

Mesmerizing Layered Landscapes Reflect on Time and Space

LAYER: Nobuhiro Nakanishi's Layer Drawings Mesmerizing Layered Landscapes Reflect on Time and Space - My Modern Met

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