This Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken is WAY better than takeout!!! One of the best things I have ever had!!!!

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken An amazing slow cooker meal that is way better than takeout! The chicken is breaded to perfection and the sauce is full of flavor! The cashews hidden throughout are the best part!

Red lentil curry is one of my favorites! This version is so simple - just toss everything in the crockpot. Easy, healthy, and full of flavor.

Crockpot Red Curry Lentils

Phase Slow Cooker (omit the optional butter, sub 5 drops stevia for the sugar, and serve with quinoa or sprouted-grain pita) -- This version of red lentil curry is so simple - just toss everything in the crockpot. Easy, healthy, and full of flavor.

This delicious dumpling stew does not require you to brown the beef, which makes it ideal for a slow cooker.

Slow cooker beef stew with dumplings

Tree Snack for Kids-Learn about the parts of a tree

Easy Tree Snack for Kids

pixels fun and healthy tree snack for kids snack ideas *healthy Healthy snack

Slimming World Recipes: Slimming World Syn Free Diet Coke Chicken (Slow Cooker)

Sharing slimming world recipes for slimming world members. Slimming World recipes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, including many recipes totally syn free. Many recipes are also vegetarian friendly.

Feeling plates--a prayer station for children by children  There are two plates- one sad and one happy.  Put a gem on the plate that shows how you feel.  Tell God why you are sad or happy.   Say thank you if you are happy.  Ask God to help you if you are sad.

Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: Prayer stations by children- Feelings plates --place a gem stone on the sad face tell God about your feelings. Gem stone on the happy face, tell God what makes you happy