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Miller Bros. Blades Custom Made M-16 Tactical  Sword.....Nice blade, not sure if its worth $1400

Blades Custom Made Tactical Sword.

post apocalyptic weapons | Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Weapons,

Post Apocalyptic Zombie Weapons by BasementDweller on Etsy

Fierce em foursome

Knife What about this? Custom Folding Blade Knife Handmade Sheath Every Day Carry… Dragon Tooth "Abrasaax" Dagger

Vampire Hunter Sword Duo from ThinkGeek

With black curved blades fashioned from stainless steel, the Vampire Hunter Sword Duo looks like a formidable dual-wielding sort of pair. Their secret is that those unassuming handles hide a peg and hole system that allows you to connect the two together.

Zombie Hammer  Pipe Weapon and Dry Storage by BRAAIIINS on Etsy, $35.00

DIY Zombie Hammer--gotta make one for each of us! A fun family FHE when we put together our 72 hr kit!

Disk Brake tomahawk

Build a Disc Brake Utility Hatchet: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Short Sword

Kukri of today

Spyderco Schempp Rock

Designed by renowned custom knifemaker Ed Schempp. The Schempp Rock is a purpose-designed "camp" knife that combines highly evolved ergonomics, exceptional edge geometry, and light weight to yield an incredibly easy to use tool.

These Homemade Zombie Apocalypse Weapons Are More Frightening Than ...

Handmade battleready post-apocalyptic axe with a baseball bat handle and tons of chainsaw chains.

Covert Warrior Gear [ ] #Apocalypse #Zombies #swords

3 very different weapons for one very specific purpose: keeping you alive. All are made from stainless steel with a matte black finish so there will be no glint to attract suspicion. The blades are full-tang for strength. Choose the one that& your style.