Collapsible Cardboard House instructions | not my ACTUAL future house but perhaps a bigger one to go inside it.

Making a collapsible playhouse out of a simple cardboard box is easier than you think

DIY Collapsible Cardboard House instructions/ This is such a fun project to do or have ready for the little ones that come visit.

sharp typography, lots of shape, movement. idea for "we print stuff" wall art.

Every designer knows that typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs. We’ve previously covered typography in a few articles showcasing examples and the best usage.

Franz Ferdinand gig poster | use a person's body as canvas - tattoo typography.

"Franz Ferdinand gig poster - the idea is good, too bad the left hand is completely bizarre looking so it distracts from the overall piece." And now I can't stop looking at that left hand. Well done, gig poster.

silhouette with image behind. subtle texture background.

The American Dream is one of the main themes throughout the book. Gatsby thinks the American dream can be achieved through fame and money. He soon realizes that even though he has all these things, Daisy still doesn't choose to be with him.

either: very thick drop shadow, or two layers.

Typography inspiration

crafticious: Small Gift Bag Template & Tutorial

This gift bag will hold a small present, candy or jewelry would be perfect. There's a downloa.