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🌸 * Another vscocam tutorial for you🌞🌴 I hope you like this! XD * check out my personal account: * thankyouuu🙈 *

One of my favorite writing prompts

One of my favorite writing prompts. Im so overwhelmed with happy emotions from this

Multilingual characters

Multilingual characters - when they use their native language for specific words or accents just because it sounds better

this shouldn't be too hard seeing as I'm bilingual myself :p

Trilingual is worse. You'll end up saying stuff in one language with the grammar of your native language but accidentally throw in a word in another language.

i need these for whenever i have writer's block and need to get my thoughts flowing.

And now, pick a number between 1 and Instant writing prompt. :D - I actually started reading this as chapter titles XD now THAT would be one crazy story. Looks like a fun creative-writing exercise for the kiddos

Not like I'm gonna whip up a curse, but sometimes you need something for protection and also just like a karmic kind of thing.. dont have any room for bad luck so im not gonna tinker with anything now, but this is interesting. Some of these things I use for protection, and I've always been obsessed with the glorious Poppy :)

Now im just picturing a witch using all the rum in a curse and her room mate being really pissed